About the Founders

Krishna Kumar Madhariwar

An alumni of IIT Madras, Krishna started his career with technology startups before joining Microsoft. Working closely with products such as Windows 8, he understood what an innovative product does in the hands of a common man. Krishna then worked as a free-lancer, working on projects that interested him and added real value to his customers. This move prepared him to make his transition to become the co-founder of Mobiation.

Kiran Kumar Mandhadi

Business acumen runs in Kiran's family. Kiran had to look after his family's business because of an emergency. Kiran was only 19 then. He stayed out of the competition and still stayed ahead in the game by choosing to go to the USA for higher studies. Kiran started up a company in the USA when he was 24 which had about million dollar revenue when it was acquired during the heights of the recession. Kiran relocated to India after living in the USA for 11 years and co-founded Mobiation. He is a computer science engineer and an MBA graduate.

Kiran and Krishna

Kiran and Krishna have been longtime friends for about 17 years now. They know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and aren't afraid to be honest. They are the best critics of each other’s work. They know there's value in constructive criticism. Their vision is to build a disruptive product that puts customers and their problems at the center of the equation. They believe in staying out of competition and creating uncontested new markets.